“"Building success stories" is the motto of Plain Partners and it truly describes our personal experience with Vera & John Casino, which has been more than a best-seller with most of our players. Great affiliate support, high conversions and a superb product is what you can expect from this affiliate program. Look no further!    ”
“PlainPartners have quickly grown to be the most major affiliate on our site, we are proud to showcase its promotions. They drive excellent traffic as they are very attractive. I can honestly say that they are an amazing partner and we have had a mutual development and growth over the years.”
“PlainPartners have a great affiliate program, they provide us with the necessary data and analysis which helps us bring excellent traffic to each brand. They reply to our questions quickly and fully, that makes the ongoing daily work easy and doesn’t require a lot of effort from our side”
“PlainPartners have good conversion and high player value. They are the most professional brand in the industry. They have very cool brands and are very attractive to the players. Don’t miss out an opportunity to collaborate with them.”
“We highly recommend working with PlainPartners Affiliates. We have had a great experience working with them at and hope to continue our business relationship for years to come.”
“Our site is an affiliate site, that brings together the finest online casinos for the Finnish market. We are very happy with PlainPartners Affiliates since their products really take into consideration the Finnish people and their needs.”
“One of our long-time favorites is definitely Vera&John. Providing value for our users is our main goal, so we are happy to promote this brand on our site since the customer feedback and their conversion is great. On top, the Affiliate program of PlainPartners is relatively easy to use and works well.”
“Working in the Finnish market requires, that we work with partners who can offer their services for our users in their mother tongue. The next step is to have tailor-made products, that deliver service that is especially focused on the Finnish people. One of PlainPartners products, Finlandia Casino does exactly this for our users and we are very pleased with the results.”
“We are very happy with the long partnership we’ve had with PlainPartners Affiliates. They are very professional and great to work with. Very important aspect for us is to be able to contact our partners whenever needed and PlainPartners enables that for us.”
“Vera&John is one of our top converting brands for Germany. At the moment they are one of our top partners and a must for all affiliates because working with the professional affiliate team is a pleasure. The bonuses are also very attractive. We are looking forward to continuing this relationship for a long time. Highly recommended!”
“We currently promote Vera&John casino, which converts good and is easy to promote. We receive good feedback from our readers on the brand. We are also quite satisfied with the quality of the affiliate program. Commission rates are fair and it is easy to access the marketing material when needed. Affiliate managers are always available, which is also a significant plus. ”
“Vera&John is one of the most successful brands among our players. The wide range of games and the promotions are very attractive for them. Recently, many players have shown great interest in the special promotions launched for the brand's birthday. Moreover, PlainPartners is reliable and professional when it comes to providing marketing tools as well as payments. ”
“We’ve been working with PlainPartners for several years and have been very satisfied. The affiliate program is very easy to use and gives all the needed information. Furthermore, the affiliate managers are always reachable and ready to provide the necessary marketing materials to improve our conversion rate. We highly recommend PlainPartners and please keep up the good job”
“If you are looking for something fresh and different while still highly converting casinos, you should try Plain Partners. Extremely lucrative casino products for both players and affiliates. Vera&John casino is our favorite. ”
“We have been working with PlainPartners for a good while and we can see good conversions each month. A huge steady hit is Vera&John casino. ”
“At LiveCasinoRank we target the most valuable players in the industry. We only work with brands that really can take care of the player value in live casino. Vera&John and InterCasino are two examples of high-end brands that really delivers good results for us”
“MobileCasinoRank is a web portal exclusively for mobile casinos. We evaluate and compares the best mobile casinos in the industry. Vera&John has been a key partner for us from the very beginning. We can strongly recommend the Vera&John brand.”
“OnlineCasinoRank is a global portal for comparing casinos. We only work with partners that have a high level of professionalism and is up to date with the market in terms of Product and Promotions. Vera&John is among the best brands we have worked with. They are great on retention and keeps a very high player value”
“When working inside the gambling-powered market, there is a need to have a trustworthy affiliate partner by your side in order to ensure that you get maximum support and sufficient assistance in your activities. Our company has been lucky to have found exactly the right type of service provider with whom we have established long-term ties and, hopefully, we will maintain our relations with this program for years to come. In the long term perspective, we expect that our company will become even more prosperous and flourishing owing the support provided by PlainPartners partner whom we can rely on any conditions”
“Just started working with Vera&John and already can mention that the managers there are real professionals. A friendly team with a real customer focus and tons of industry experience. They offer our players great bonuses, great support and so much more. Highly recommended!”
“ is a web portal for live casino exclusively. We have known the team at PlainPartners for several years and it was obvious to work together when we entered Japan. From experience from earlier Projects, we know about the great player value at Vera&John. Vera&John has been one of a few key partners for us and we look forward to continue our partnership for a long time to come.”
“PlainPartners are offering extremely good conversion and value on their brands, both for affiliates and players. The promotions keep people coming back for more juicy experiences. We have seen many record months in a row working together with their dedicated team of professionals. Our favorite brand is Vera&John Casino.”
“We highly recommend PlainPartners to basically everyone! If you are looking for some great brands to promote, PlainPartners is the right choice. We have also been well taken care of by the Affiliate team, which is great. ”
“Working with PlainPartners has been a great business. At we like promoting their casino brand Vera & John, Jackpotjoy, FinlandiaCasino and InterCasino, four casino brands that are very esteemed crew among our Swedish readers. PlainPartners is formed very professionally, specialized and friendly always ready to give support. They are 100% recommendable.”
“ writes about the latest sports news in Swedish. We recently started collaborating with PlainPartners and their casino products, which are great casinos where our readers love to make their bets. We highly recommend them.”
“ writes about the latest football transfer news in English. We recently started collaborating and promoting PlainPartners casino brands. They offer good commissions that convert really well.”
“PlainPartners offers an impressive experience in the casino area. With brands such as Vera&John and InterCasino with strong and solid casino bonus that provides a great conversion. We would strongly recommend it to anyone with serious intentions. We have a big belief that Vera&John will be the Casino 2019 to look out for and we just can’t wait to see what the future brings.”
“Working closely with PlainPartners is a pleasure for us. We have been promoting their brands Vera&John and Intercasino for a long time and have always had great results. The brands are amongst our top performers in multiple markets.”
“Vera&John is a great brand to promote in the UK market. Cooperation with PlainPartners is smooth, and we can recommend this affiliate program. Managers are helpful and very professional.”
“We are happy to work with PlainPartners and we see a great future for both parts. A real worthy player in the industry.”
“A reliable affiliate program that we can recommend to all casino affiliates. Lars is a great Affiliate Manager!”
“We have been working with Vera&John for many years. We highly recommend Plainpartners Affiliates for long-term cooperation.”
“PlainPartners account managers are the best in the industry - they are friendly and very knowledgeable. We recently started promoting Vera&John in the Finnish market, and it is converting very well and the player values have been surprisingly good. We can only recommend working with them!”
“Vera&John casino is the casinos we strongly recommend for Japanese players and it is one of the respective casino brands of PlainPartners. Not only they offer numerous amazing casinos but also they are a professional and highly-motivated partner. We are pleased to be part of Plain Partners and look forward to our new partnership in future!”
“ is happy to find a professional and dedicated partner like PlainPartners. We are looking forward to growing together with PlainPartners!”
“For a site like Casinos Killer that aims to list all the best UK online casinos, working with PlainPartners is a no-brainer. They have two great brands that not only convert very well but also have excellent retention. The affiliate managers are extremely dedicated and supportive, which is another essential element of a profitable collaboration. We cannot recommend working with PlainPartners enough. ”
“PlainPartners were amazing from the very start, we were greeted with a very warm welcome by a professional affiliate manager who helped us with all the resources we need to get the ball rolling ASAP. We at highly recommend both the affiliate program to any affiliate and their portfolio of exceptional casinos to our users.”
“Bojoko couldn't be more thrilled to join forces with PlainPartners. This affiliate program ticks all the right boxes, from the way it engages its partners into a fun business process to the brilliant, well-converting brands it offers. A big thumbs up from us!”
“ has built a reputation to only work with the very finest and most reputable casinos. Vera&John is one of them. We take pride in promoting Vera&John and have had very good experience with the PlainPartner affiliate team who are professional and attentive.”
“ highly recommend PlainPartner as affiliate partner! The affiliate team is responsive, knowledgeable and very helpful! Together with their great product and high-value players, you will find a partner that you won’t regret!”
“Vera&John is the most well-known casino brand in Norway which makes it one of the highest converting offers that we have on With professionalism, fast payments, an intuitive dashboard, and skilled industry staff, there is nothing more we could ask for from PlainPartners!”
“PlainPartners is simply the best! Our large gaming community at want to say thank you for all the effort in providing the best casinos online and mobile. Our overall rating for this affiliate programme is 5/5! Keep it up!”
“What a great experience! PlainPartners is just a good example of how the best casino affiliate program should look like. In other words, we always get from them what we want - better deals, exclusive promotions, professional advice, fast payments, etc. With their online and mobile casinos - we can only focus on delivering players latest bonuses and our commission just grow like leaves on trees!”
“Collaboration with PlainPartners and their premium brands such as Vera&John Casino and InterCasino is pure pleasure for us. We have been partnering with them for some time and have never been disappointed. So, if you want to earn decent commission, get paid for every time and on time, and give your business a boost in no time, then you should give it a whirl.”
“PlainPartners is nothing else than one of the best online casino affiliate programme. We have the immense pleasure that we can promote their brands (VeraJohn & InterCasino) at our website. Moreover, with their affiliate program, we are able to earn more and at the same time give our players some added value in the form of special offers. In conclusion, we recommend this PlainPartners for everyone who wants to earn money with little or no effort.”
“For the Norwegian marked there is no better casino affiliate program then PlainPartners. We have been working with PlainPartners ever since our start and the affiliate team are always fast to get back to us with any questions or requests. We highly recommend PlainPartners for any serious casino affiliates operating in the Norwegian market”
“We have worked with PlainPartners ever since our launch and we can only say the best things about it. They have one of the best converting brands in the industry and we look forward to continue our partnership for many years”
“We can highly recommend PlainPartners as an exciting partner! The affiliate team is responsive, knowledgeable, helpful and work very fast! Choosing PlainPartners you will not regret!”
“Vera&John work perfectly for us in the UK. It's a solid brand that converts well, but also the value is superb thanks their retention. As far as communications go, we always have what we need and the team at are quick to help and highly professional”
“PlainPartners makes life easy for us at jämfö Attractive brands, good bonus offers, and very professional affiliate managers make a great combination to achieve consistent results. We suggest any affiliate looking for a good return and happy players to join PlainPartners affiliate program”
“We at Best Casino Bonus would recommend any affiliate to associate with PlainPartner. They are both professional and easy to work with. We are very pleased with their top brands Vera&John and InterCasino. Looking forward to seeing what great result 2018 can bring us.”
“At Best Casino Sites we value a professional affiliate that also has strong brands. This is what you will find at PlainPartners. We are more than happy to be working with PlainPartners and their strong brands, Vera&Johan and InterCasino. Highly recommend joining their program!”
“Vera&John especially is one of the best brands we have worked with in terms of player value. The players do simply like the brand. Along with professional service and attractive bonuses, the team at PlainPartners is a pleasure to work with. We look forward working together for a long time to come!”
“PlainPartners Affiliates have been nothing but great for us at We are both benefiting from all the work we do together, growing our great relationship. We highly recommend PlainPartners to anyone who wants great conversion rates, great support and exciting casinos to promote.”
“Our impression from PlainPartners is excellent - The Finlandia Casino brand is excellent, the casino is unique and in fact, it is one of the best casinos in the industry. Great support staff as well. We are pleased to give them our highest recommendations!”
“We have been working alongside PlainPartners since 2012! Many years of building up a great working relationship which we know will continue for many more years to come. The team is helpful and professional, always available for anything we may need. We warmly recommend working with this brand.”
Online Casino Squad  highly recommends supporting Plain Partners. They've proven to be one of the highest converting brands and are easy to work with.”
New Casino Star is a huge fan of Plain Partners. They have an incredible in-house team that’s dedicated to building a net positive relationship with their partners across the board.”
“We’re happy to be part of Plain Partners and are excited to see what the future holds. We strongly recommend any affiliate to promote PlainPartner’s awesome brands and we are looking forward to push their brands in markets such as NZ.”
“Our experience with PlainPartners has been outstanding. 'We are always looking for professionalism and good results within our partners and those characteristics really defines them'. Their professionalism and diligence make them excellent partners, and therefore we highly recommend them to everyone”
“VeraJohn has been one of our top casinos since the day they launched. It's easy to promote thanks to all good campaigns running every week. Working with PlainPartners is easy and we at will continue to work with this excellent team for a very long time.”
“PlainPartners Affiliates have a perfect portfolio for us. Their brands are well performing and easy to promote across Europe. Both Vera&John and InterCasino have something unique to offer which makes them great partners for our websites.”
“PlainPartners Affiliates is an affiliate program that you can always trust. Good deals and good conversations. We really recommend you to work with PlainPartners Affiliates.”
We’ve been very happy to promote both InterCasino and Vera&John on the Danish market. PlainPartners offers a nice variety of games and it is easy to market the products to audiences of all kinds due to the different look and feel of the brands. We consider PlainPartners to be very reliable and the team behind is always reachable when we need it.
“At we’ve been working with many different affiliate programs during the last decade and PlainPartners really offer us a top class product. The PP team makes our job as marketers much easier with a constant and wide variety of campaigns in both the soft and hard end of the casino entertainment spectrum.”
“As a serious affiliate that searches for long term partnerships we consider Plainpartners to be a very important asset to our business. The program offers lifetime revenue on the traffic we send and the conversion rates are high. Also the dedication of the PlainPartners retention team is something that makes us rely even more on the efforts we make to the traffic we drive towards Vera&John for the Norwegian market.”

Plain Partners are a great partner for anyone interested to target some of the most competitive markets in the growing online gambling industry.

Vera & John and InterCasino is offering some of the most attractive free spins packages on the market for our players. This helps us create great value for both our players and the partnership with PlainPartners.

PlainPartners have shown very quickly in Scandinavia, that they are not like “every other casino”. New-thinking campaigns and bonuses are something, that we value very much in our cooperation with PlainPartners' brands.
“Plain Partners have been a great asset to us, they are very friendly, and I would recommend them to anybody! Peter is top notch, a great guy and a great Affiliate Partner! - Jonas”
“We got a great chance to work together with They showed high competence in gambling industry from the start. It is also very easy to communicate with Peter, their Affiliate manager and give the support needed. We would really recommend”
“VeraJohn are very well known in the industry and a pleasure to work with. They go from strength to strength and the affiliate managers at VeraJohn fantastic. It's very encouraging to work with a well established team who are always available to help. We look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come. Highly recommended!”
“We are working with PlainPartners for few years and we always satisfied from their professionalism, attitude and the results. It’s a real pleasure to work with PlainPartners and we are looking forward to continuing this relationship for years to come”
“We have been working with PlainPartners for several years and have seen great results on the traffic we send them. Payments are always on time and the affiliate managers are great to work with. Highly recommended program!”
“PlainPartners is one of the best affiliate programs out there and Vera&John casino has a great player value. At Casino Viking we only work with the best so it was a very easy choice to partner up with PlainPartners and the great team behind it. Recommended!” is one of those really nice casinos that people around the world love. We have noticed a great conversion and everything goes really smoothly with this brand. New Casino Online is always looking for great online casinos that offer players a good casino bonus - something that Vera & John really gives us!”
“Vera&John is a great online casino for us! We operate in Brazil, Japan and UK which makes our relationship with Plain Partner a perfect match. Peter is a great affiliate manager and we are very satisfied so far. Keep it up!”
“PlainPartners is an optimal partner for all affiliates in the iGaming business. The brands they offer are strong and Peter along with the rest of the affiliate team are real professionals who always deliver on their promise. We look forward to keep work close to Plain Partners on our casino journey”
“Promoting Vera & John in Norway is easy, since the casino already has such a good reputation among players. Looking forward to working with the Plain Partners team for many years to come!”
“We've been working closely with the Plain Partners team for a long time and we really love their products. Vera&John is a top of the line live casino and we're happy to promote it.”
“Vera&John have been one of the best casinos for players for a few years offering a unique experience with only the best selection of slots. It makes it easy for us to promote them. It makes working with the affiliate program even easier as they have helpful affiliate managers and always pay on time. Plain Partners is definitely one of the best casino affiliate programs around”
“Vera&John is definitely one of the top casino brand in Japanese market. Not only that they convert extremely well, but they’re also really easy to market. Due to the popularity and the quality of the brand, we tend to get really high life time value players on a regular basis. The PlainPartners affiliate program is easy to use and our experience with support team has been excellent.We would highly recommend this program to all affiliates!”
“Alla Casino have recently started to work with PlainPartners and their affiliate program. Great and service minded affiliate team. Their main brands are Vera&John and who are well known and loved by our visitors. These brands are probably the best brands in Sweden. They offer a very good casino bonus and free spins with a great conversion rate. We recommend both casinos for the Swedish affiliates and players.  ”
PlainPartners represent themselves through a professional team who is very devoted to help affiliates make the best of their brands. At we’ve been working with InterCasino since the very early days of online casino in Denmark. Later Vera&John came into the picture offering a larger variety of soft games which suit our users perfectly. The PlainPartners affiliate platform is transparent and easy to use.
“We’ve worked with PlainPartners brands for many years. They have a commitment to both great products and great people. Our am Jakub, in particular, understands how to manage an affiliate relationship very well. All in all, highly recommended.”
“PlainPartners ticks off a number of factors on our partnership checklist. Great reliability, expert industry knowledge and reputable brands with attractive conversions. Our experience has been above par dealing with an affiliate program that is second to none.”
“PlainPartners team has good employees who provide you 100% support to their affiliates. As a new affiliate, the theme of PlainPartners will take good care of you and give you the very best conditions for your career. As an affiliate in the Swedish market where competition is hard, it's important to have a good partner. And with PlaintPartner you get a partner that support you in the best way.”
“InterCasino has been one of our top partners since the beginning. They have a very strong presence in Scandinavia with lots of promotions for new and existing players. We look forward to continue the partnership with InterCasino and PlainPartners.”
“PlainPartners team is dedicated, professional and helpful company, available for all kinds of affiliates. They reply quickly and offer a great feedback. We have an amazing experience working with them, big up to Jakub Szymanski, their affiliate manager. Our players like the generous welcome bonus with free spins no deposit and also the new campaigns for regular players. We really recommend to try PlainPartners and their excellent brands - Vera & John and InterCasino.”
“We love working the brands from Plainpartners, Vera&John has been a solid igaming brand for us. Good conversion, good deals and the best affiliate team in the business. Love the many local campaigns that they bring to us as affiliates. Looking forward to sending more traffic your way”
“We've been working closely with the PlainPartners team for a long time and we really love their products. Vera&John is a top of the line live casino and we're happy to promote it.”
“We’ve been cooperating with PlainpPartners for a while, and have been really happy to what they have been able to provide. Great results and support is keywords when it comes to PlainPartners. We’ve been working with the guys a couple of years now and look forward for more to come with them by our side!”
“We have been working with the brands from PlainPartners for a long time. We have always appreciated the high quality service we get from their dedicated team.”
“The InterCasino has long been a fixed term for many players in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so the serious online casino portals should not be missing. The program of PlainpPartners can describe with just one word: "reliable". With more than 20 years of experience, the InterCasino team enjoys an excellent reputation, is clear and well designed! We would like to thank you for the great cooperation and wish you continued success.”
“We have had great success in promoting Vera&John casino, which is hugely popular in our Nordic region, and for good reasons – they have a great reputation in the gambling community for being both trustworthy and offering a great choice of casino games. This reliability is equally true for their affiliate program PlainPartners, who we are extremely satisfied to be in partnership with. Their commission structure is generous and flexible, and we are constantly impressed with their fast payment rate. This affiliate program delivers a great personal service, which makes it really easy to work well with them and ‘deliver the goods’ in a two-way street. We are now looking forward to partner up with InterCasino as well.”
“VeraJohn is one of our personal favorites! Always exciting and fun in the casino, fantastic conversion and really nice team, especially Peter!”
“We at is unheard satisfied with our cooperation with the VJ affiliates on both a personal level and as a business partner where Vera&John delivers very good results.”
“On Bä we help our readers find Sweden's best casinos in various categories and Vera&John is the one out of them that fit quite a lot. A special fire and a product that simply seats with the best!”
“Vera&John delivers very good results, is super nice to work with and is simply an affiliate partner who always enjoy to work with.”
“Vera&John is one out of our absolute best brands that always delivers good results. Cooperation has always been rewarding and nice. One of Sweden's best brands with very talented managers! Clearly, for any of our Swedish elite casinos must-have in their range!”
“It is a pleasure to work with VJ affiliates. Peter, who has been responsible for our cooperation is fantastic person, partner and manager. We recommend VJ affiliates to all Swedish affiliates who want a strong brand that delivers long-term.”
“We highly recommend working with PlainPartners. The conversion rates are good, the staff is straightforward and pleasant to work with, and you can see that they value reliability and good work. Anyone looking for a positive partnership will find it right here.”
“PlainPartners offers it's users and partners only products and brands of the best quality. Such brands as Vera&John Casino and InterCasino are famous and respected online casino operators among players from all over the world. Every partner is nightly recommended to work with this affiliate program.”
“You can see how much effort this affiliate puts into their partnerships. We have booked excellent results across the board. Fast payouts, reputable name, and courteous staff all add up to a top notch experience that everyone should tap into.”
“If you have Scandinavian traffic, and want to make good money, partner up with PlainPartners and ask for Magdalena. She'll take good care of you. Promote their brand Vera&John - it is one of our best performing brands, hands down.”
“Partnering up with PlainPartners was on our must-do-list, for two reasons; 1) Magdalena (our affiliate manager) has a proven track record of taking good care of her affiliates; and 2) Vera&John is a fantastic brand that our traffic just loves to bits. We can't ask for more in a B2B-relationship, and give PlainPartners our best recommendations.”
“PlainPartners and Vera&John is a perfect match for our Scandinavian traffic.The brand exceeds the expectations and standards Norwegians have when it comes to fun, UX, security and customer service, leading to high player retention- and value. This combined with a professional and service-minded affiliate manager like Magdalena Jakobsson is why Vera&John is one of our key partners.”
“PlainPartners have a good portfolio of quality brands. The affiliate managers deliver great support and their back office is easy to use. Highly recommended.”
“PlainPartners is a great partner to work with. We use Vera&John and it is working really well for us. And the help and response that we have got from their affiliate managers has been priceless. We are looking forward to keep this close relationship.”
“PlainPartners is more than powerful brands and an excellent affiliate program. It's about working with a team that genuinely cares about you and that are there for you every step of the way. Highly recommended.  ”
“Vera&John offers a great solution for Japanese players and they have always been a great partner for us. They are the best option for Japanese players and we look forward to working with PlainPartners for years to come.”
“With a selection of more than 1000 casino games Vera&John is a natural partner for us. Players love their product and the PlainPartners team are always happy to assist with anything we might need.”
“PlainPartners is an excellent partner for any casino affiliate. Vera & John is one of our preferred brands, and PlainPartners have always provided reliable support and fast payments in addition to having a world class casino.”
“Vera&John is without a doubt a fire an affiliate must include in its range. The huge choice of games and the daily profit guarantee creates an online casino no real casino players can stay away from anything too long. We are extremely satisfied with our cooperation and love to be working with the team at the VJ affiliates.”
“On we give you tips Swedish players only if casinos belonging to the elite that they best and Vera & John is one of them uta doubt. We have had the honor to be working with VJ for a while and have only nice things to say about both the brand and the team.”
“"PlainPartners is one of the most professional affiliate programs in the industry we have ever worked with. They offer not only very high commission, but also deliver great support and advise. With them, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!"”
“PlainPartners is one of the best affiliate partners we have ever worked with.  Here we can find some of the best online casino brands to promote – all under one roof! It’s also worth mentioning that people behind this company are extremely helpful and smart. Give them a try and you will never regret your decision. May the fortune be with you guys!”
“Since we joined PlainPartners everything have been working professionally from the first day. With strong casino brands (VeraJohn, InterCasino, FinlandiaCasino, etc), excellent bonuses, decent commission, superior support, we can recommend this affiliate program without any doubts. If we had to rate our partnership it would be 10/10!”
“PlainPartners is more than any affiliate program for online casinos! We have been working with them for over 5 years now and our cooperation is exemplary. In conclusion, if you want to promote the best casino rooms, get exclusive rewards and get paid on time, then you should join PlainPartners.”
“We highly recommend PlainPartners to everyone who is involved in the online casino business. Our experience with them has been great up to now and we are sure it will continue for years. All in all, we have only good words to say about these guys – Great job, please keep it up!”
“PlainPartners makes our business easier and bigger! Thanks to their online casinos we can provide our players complete gaming products with exclusive promotions, free spins and VIP bonuses! Secondly, they offer a very good commission plan with many incentives. Thirdly, no delays - they pay on time and every time! To sum up, big applause for PlainPartners from the community.”
“If you are looking for fair and reliable affiliate program with fast payments, PlainPartners seems to be the best selection. Their online and mobile casinos helped us earn more commission than any other casino partner. Besides, they always give us what we want, from exclusive deals to professional support and advise. No doubts, they are 100% recommendable!”
“Partnership with PlainPartners and their casino is pure pleasure for us. We have been promoting their brands for some time and have never been disappointed. So, if you want to get decent commission and give your business a boost you should give it a try - as we did so!”
“For us, PlainPartners is the best affiliate program in the whole online gaming industry. We have immense pleasure to promote their premium brands (Vera&John and InterCasino) at our portal. Moreover, with these guys we can not only earn more and faster, but also give our players dozens of lucrative bonuses. Taking into consideration all the above, we would genuinly recommend this partner for everyone who earn money with little effort.”
“PlainPartners is the best example of how the best casino affiliate program should look like. People behind the company are extremely supportive and we are hopeful that our cooperation will be long and fruitful. In addition, dealing with PlainPartners has given our business a boost in very short time. Simply, they are best of the best!”
“We have been dealing with PlainPartners for many years, and in our opinion they offer one of the best affiliate program out there. They have not only high quality casinos, but they also offer exclusive deals, instant support and fast payments. All in all, we recommend this guys and their products for everyone.”
“PlainPartners were one of the first groups we added when we launched Slots Guide (mainly due to the reputation and design of the Vera&John casino) and they immediately started converting and have been reliable partners in all respects ever since. With a very good portfolio of very solid brands and excellent, friendly and helpful affiliate managers you would be hard pressed to find a better affiliate partner to work with.”
“We have always had great results when working with PlainPartners. They’re professional, have great ideas when it comes to campaigns and go the extra mile to ensure we’re always happy with the arrangements in place. Put simply they are a trusted affiliate program who know what clients want and we would wholeheartedly recommend them!”
“PlainPartners is a professional and trustworthy affiliate program. Their brands converts well and our results have always been great. We will definitely recommend PlainPartners to other affiliates as well!”
“It’s been a pleasure working with PlainPartners. Vera&John and Finlandia Casino are both high-converting brands and we are very happy with our long-term results. Highly recommended!”
“PlainPartners is an affiliate program we have always been enjoying working with. Their affiliate managers are professional and helpful and everything works flawlessly. We have only positive things to say about PlainPartners and we can strongly recommend this affiliate program to other affiliates as well!”
“Working with PlainPartners for more than 5 years, we can say for sure that they have best affiliate managers, great conversions and on-time payments. Recommended for everyone.  ”
“PlainPartners is our favourite affiliate program and their brands Finlandia Casino and Vera & John have been our top brands for years with top conversion rates. Payments are always on time and affiliate team is most helpful and skilled we have ever worked with. It’s a pleasure to work with Plainpartners team!”
“We've worked with the people behind PlainPartners for years. We have a strict no bullshit policy on what we recommend. They serve no bullshit to affiliates nor players. It's a good fit.”
“Plainpartners is a stable brand that we affiliate can trust. They have been in it for a long time and know the value of good collaboration. The staff is easy to deal with and almost always available if you have any queries. We at recommends them to anybody who wants to work with reliable people.  ”
“Vera&John is a great and reliable company to work with both when it comes to service and good conversions. The players are their priority, and for this we sincerely recommend them.”
“We’ve been working with Vera&John for a while now and wish to continue so. They put a lot of effort into the Finnish market by offering excellent support, good service, prompt pay-outs and great customer campaigns. This is why their affiliate program is an easy choice for us!”
“Vera&John is one of the best Casino brands and PlainPartners offers you all you want and need: Good conversion and good player value. Highly recommended for everyone!”
Norsk Casino
“PlainPartners and their casino's are great to work with. They use a fantastic affiliate system, their game providers produce some of the best games in the market, the conversion is good and we get our money regularly every month. This is a professional team.”
“PlainPartners has got some of our top converting brands. Finish players just loves them and thanks to that, the player value is really high. Uudet-nettikasinot recommends everyone to work with PlainPartner's Finnish brands.”
“Vera&John is a trusted, well known and established brand . That’s why we recommend our players to play at Vera&John. Fast payouts, friendly support and top notch promotions for players and affiliates.”
“The casino brands from PlainPartners converts well and have awesome promotions. The affiliate team is easy to reach and care about our success. This is one of the better affiliate programs that we have worked with.”
“We at Nya Casino have been working together with PlainPartners for quite some time. We are very happy with the results that we have seen so far. They always have new and exciting promotions that attract and keep the players happy.”
“PlainPartners has friendly and fun affiliate representatives that make our life easier. They are always quick to respond and has a great affiliate system with fast payouts. We can only recommend PlainPartners and their exciting online casinos.”
“We are thankful for working with such a professional partner as PlainPartners. The team is very supportive and easy to communicate with. They make sure that our partnership is a success. We strongly recommend to promote their exciting online casino brands.”
Casino Internet
“At Casino Internet we are working with many online casinos and we must say that Plainpartners have some of the most exciting casino brands. We are very happy to work with such a good partner such as Plainpartners.”
“We are promoting Vera&John as they are one of the best casinos in Sweden. We could not be more happy with the cooperation between and PlainPartners. They offer high level service and professionalism.”
“From the very beginning Vera&John showed themselves as real professionals. Excellent conversion and outstanding support helps me to achieve new horizons. I'd like to emphasize perfect assistance by V&J Team, especially Carl, who is helping me a lot. Highly recommend this brand and hope to keep working with them over the years.”
“VJ Affiliates is one of the companies we’ve had a long-term cooperation with, thanks to their attractive brand and their ability to both attract new customers and to make them satisfied. For us this is what’s important in order for our customers to love Vera&John, so that they will love us too in the long run. We can recommend this good team to everyone"”
“PlainPartners offer responsive and effective support to affiliates like myself who are promoting their superb casino product, Vera&John. In such a competitive market place, the support offered by PlainPartners makes them stand out from the crowd and ensures my continued support.”
“We been working with PlainPartners for a while, and we are extremely satisfied with their affiliate system and their dedicated team.”
“Vera&John delivers a great service. Retention, CRM and Support and incredible well trained to get the max value of the player. It's a highly recommended casino within the Finnish market.”
“Vera&John is a really top performing brand. Conversion is really high and value player even more. Highly recommended brand.”
“PlainPartners is a top quality affiliate program, great support and always-on-time payments!”
Mobile Casino Man
“Whilst I haven't been promoting Vera&John for very long I am very impressed by the affiliate team at PlainPartners who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Not only this but V&J is a great mobile casino, which players love, so for my mobile casino focused site is perfect.”
“Vera&John is one of the best and most profitable casinos we have ever worked with. The PlainPartners affiliate system is very transparent and easy to use and their service level is really excellent. In addition to this the payments are always correct and on time. All in all they have one of the best affiliate programs on the market.”
“I work with a lot of affiliate programs but Plainparters is the best! Very good conversion, more than complete statistics and a very reactive support... I love working with Plainpartners and advises everyone to work Vera&John Casino! ”
“We from have been lucky to work with the PlainPartners team. With their easy to use affiliate program, great brand and dedicated team, PlainPartners have established themselves as one of our most valuable partners. We highly recommend them for your future projects.”
“We over at really like to work together with Vera&John. Vera&John has a very nice affiliate program named, Plainpartners. This program has a nice design, clear statistics and very useful marketing banners and materials. Payments we receive always and also very fast. We look forward to continue our partnership with Vera&John for many more years.”
“Vera&John Casino have a unique offering with a wide variety of slot games developed by leading software providers. Players love playing at Vera&John Casino and the Plain Partners affiliate program has given us all the tools we need to send players to a great partner online casino.”
“Our mission to take Vera&John to the UK market has been effortless with the help of Franco and the team at Plain Partners. The brand is solid, credible and diverse, a gaming platform that performs for the player and pushes for the affiliate. Like all gaming information sites, we like conversion, cohesion and retention, Vera&John does too and with Plain Partners in the cockpit, there's no better pilot. If you're looking for personal, professional and passionate commitment, choose Plain.”
“Well known brands, good affiliate managers and good for both players and affiliates. Highly recommend every partner to work with this casino”
“Great promoting a brand like Vera&John, that both has great service and great customer value, highly recommended!”
“VJ Affiliates/PlainPartners have been instrumental in our successful cross platform promotion of the Vera&John brand and their affiliate program has consistently provided us with the information and marketing tools to create quality conversions.”
“The VJaffiliates/PlainPartners program is one of the best affiliate programs in the casino industry. Payments are fast, support is awesome and the life-time value has been higher than anywhere else. We can only recommend others to join VJ and start promoting Vera&John.”
“An affiliate program taking its affiliates’ needs seriously, VJ Affiliates/PlainPartners has been joy to partner with. Timely updates and payments as well as quality heads ups on campaigns and news have made Vera&John one of our main concerns and revenue sources.”
“From the first day we began working with Vera&John/PlainPartners, they were accommodating, service minded, and trouble-free. They have been a pleasure all along, our business is doing well, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.”
“We have worked with VJ Affiliates/PlainPartners for many years and are very pleased with their services. Payments are always on time every month with no delays. Great updates about new game releases through their affiliate newsletters.”
“We have been working with Vera&John and the VJAffiliates/PlainPartners since day one. The conversion is very high and the affiliate program is easy to use.”
“ is proud to promote Vera&John towards our loyal Norwegian players. The result has been amazing and the brand is highly recognized among our players. We have high hopes for the future and can only recommend other Norwegian affiliates to start promote Vera&John through the PlainPartners program.”
“Vera&John is the first online casino we chose to represent at Norskcasinoråd and since then has been a great partner, through PlainPartners, and producer of happy and satisfied customers.”
“Vera&John is popular among players and very easy to work with an exciting product and a dedicated affiliate team at PlainPartners.”
“We have been promoting casino brands online since 2009. VJAffiliates/PlainPartners has always been one of our primary partners since they offer everything that we value. Vera&John is popular among players and has a good reputation. This along with a good selection of banners, high conversion rates and a really good commission plan. We are looking forward to a longterm partnership with VJAffiliate/PlainPartners since Vera&John is one of the brands that convert best at our website.”
“Time and time again, Vera&John/PlainPartners proves itself as a leader in the online casino industry. will continue to feature Vera&John for many years to come.”
“Vera&John has been a key partner of ours for several years. With an exiting product and a dedicated affiliate team. We are happy to work with Vjaffiliates/PlainPartners.”
“PlainPartners and their casino brands are delivering benchmark value in the industry for our casino traffic. The high value on players that sticks to the brand for years is making it easy for us to give them prime positions on our sites in UK, Nordic countries and wherever their brands may be active. Also, they have the best casino affiliate backend out there. If you wan’t to run a successful casino affiliate business, start working with PlainPartners.”
“Since we started working with PlainPartners/Vjaffiliates we experienced instantly the experience they have in the group, this is people who know what they are doing and that makes it a real pleasure to work with them. We have also noticed the good playervalue, and thats what makes PlainPartners/Vjaffiliates one of our top performing partners at the moment.”
“We have been working with a lot of casinos during the years online, and its easy to see who we are making good money with and who we do not make such good money with. Vera&John is one of the casinos we have chosen to promote heavily and it has paid off, we are seeing a conversion in top class.”
Matching Visions
“Vera&John have been a key partner of ours for many years and have consistently offered a quality product, as well as excellent value to our traffic. The PlainPartners affiliate system is easy to use and the level of service is second to none. Payments are always made on time and all pertinent information is communicated effectively by the dedicated affiliate managers, whom we’ve built great relationships with. We’re certainly looking forward to working together for many more years to come.”
IHRE Consulting AB
“Franco and Magda are some of our favourite Affiliate Managers. I don’t think anyone ever responds as fast as those two! The brand Vera&John is an easy sell to players, and matched with a great Affiliate Team, we couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”
“The PlainPartners program is a great choice for casino affiliates. They have a great product and the way the work with retention is second to none. They are generous towards both affiliates and players and their account managers are great.”
“We have been working with Vera&John/PlainPartners for quite some time now and the results have been very good. Vera&John is a highly recognized brand among Norwegian and Scandinavian players, and thus the conversion have been great. Payments are always on time and correct and the management is responsive and helpful. All in all a highly recommended brand to work with.”
“Vera&John has been our top brand since we decided to launch Players appreciate their brand and the life time value of players is very high at Vera&John. Combine that with excellent support and dedicated account managers and you have a real winner.”
Suomen Netticasino
“Plainpartners biggest strenght is their strong brands that converts extremely well. It is very rare for us to see the conversion rate that we are seeing with casinos like Finlandia Casino. When you add great support from the PlainPartner-team into the mix, you definetely have a winning-formula!”
“We have been working with PlainPartners for a long time. The conversion is very high and the affiliate program is easy to use.”
“We have worked with Vera&John casino for several years and are very pleased with their services. The affiliate manager are on top of their game. Great updates about new game releases through their affiliate newsletters.”
“PlainPartners is one of the few affiliate programs that we have been promoting month after month and their brands always perform well. Not all casino programs are trustworthy and easy to work with but affiliate managers Franco and Magda are fun to work with and make sure that affiliates are taken good care of and you can trust that you are getting paid on time. Recommended.”
“You will have a tough time finding a more responsive affiliate support team than the one offered here at VJAffiliates/PlainPartners! They’ve eagerly assisted me in putting together my websites and along the way I have been extremely pleased with the level of one-on-one support they’ve provided me.”
“We have been working with VJAffiliates/PlainPartners online casinos for several years and can say they are second-to-none. You will find great earnings, safety, exclusive bonuses, extremely helpful support and highly entertaining games for your players.”
“We have chosen to promote VJAffiliates/PlainPartners brands on our websites for many reasons. However the probably best reason is their very reliable Affiliate program and their dedicated account managers. Queries are always attended to promptly and they are always willing to help out.”
“We’ve been promoting Vera&John since they are fully UK licensed and we’re very happy with the range of slots, conversion and great support from the affiliate team – all round a superb affiliate program with a converting UK casino.”
“We have been working with PlainPartners for a long time, and think its a natural choice to work with, furthermost for their quality brand Vera&John, which is a high quality igaming brand for particularly the nordic regions. We are happy with the expericence of their affiliate program so far aswell.”
“Vera&John have been a natural choice to include on our website, due to their good mobile casino. PlainPartners also offer several other good brands and a high quality affiliate program.”
“PlainPartners offer a great affiliate program, with strong igaming brands for mostly the nordic countries. Due to their high ambitions with their sites, they have been an natural choice to work with.”
“Vera&John has always been one of the most productive and profitable online casinos we’ve worked with, their massive amount of games, software providers and high quality support will make sure you’ll receive maximum revenue for every player you refer. This casino affiliate program is highly recommended by us!”
“After working with PlainPartners for two years now, We have very much enjoyed it. They have one of the top brands out there, awesome reportings and high players value. On top of that, our experience with the support team has been fantastic and they have never missed out a single payment. Taking all of that into consideration, this is one of the best Casino affiliate programs on the Internet!”
“PlainPartners has been one of the most profitable deal that I have. Both brands, Vera&John and FinlandiaCasino are converting extremely well. Very good support and nice marketing material makes our work really easy. I would recommend this program to all affiliates!”
“PlainPartners represent best brands that are one key factor for our success. Thanks to them, our job is a little easier. Affiliate programs are easy to access and their support has a quick response if any help is needed. Enjoyable co-operation with PlainPartners is quaranteed.”
“Vera&John/PlainPartners is one of our oldest partners. Although we have worked together for a long time the conversion still stay excellent. Vera&John is a really easy brand to promote since the casino offers everything a player can ask for. For us Vera&John is one of the leaders in online gaming and we are proud to be able to promote the brand on our site. We look forward to many more years of cooperation with Vera&John/PlainPartners!”
“Vera&John is top of the tree when it comes to mobile gaming. The slot product offering is extremely strong – given the diverse titles they offer players, and it has an evolving brand that gives visitors to their site a warm sense of fun coupled with trust. The affiliate team are simply exquisite – quick to response, and very amenable to help if they can. It’s an operator that I’m proud to promote and associate with myself with.”

Our partners at Slotssons is valued, we only work with the best of the best, PlainPartners and their brands are a perfect match for our business. Professional and quality straight thru the organisation.

Conversion, payments and support are always good and on time. We recommend every serious affiliate to work with this highly recommended affiliate-team.
“We have been working with Vera&John/PlainPartners for more than 1 year. We have been regularly updated about new promotions through a very well detailed newsletter. Our Business is growing very well, It’s been Pleasure working with them and we are looking forward to work with them in coming years.”
“We were really excited to start working with Vera&John because of the innovative product and website design. We thought that the site was highly attractive and our stats and data of signups confirm that conversions are a huge focus at PlainPartners.”
“Conversion is king and this is something PlainPartners really is, king! Our players recognition for the different brands makes the life time value of the players really high. Also keeps us happy. If you are not promoting today, our highest recommendation is that you sign up, now!”
“Vera&John is a solid Scandinavian brand to promote on your site! They have proven to be a reputable brand for our LCB members, one with fast payouts, friendly and responsive support and great promos always on offer. PlainPartners are made up of a highly experienced affiliate team and we are happy to partner with them and promote their clients.”
“Vera&John has a great mobile platform which our players and visitors love. Now that mobile gambling is fast becoming a necessity for players, its important to have a good, reputable brand to promote – look no further than Vera&John! The brand also provides a variety of target markets allowing us to generate traffic from Scandinavian territories and UK. PlainPartners and the affiliate team are a pleasure to work with and provide great support and timely affiliate payments.”
“Vera&John is approved by the Wizard himself! On the WOO we take great consideration into who we promote and endorse, with that said Vera&John has proved to be a reputable and fair casino for players. We love that the casino provides players with an array of slot and game choices from different software providers. PlainPartners is a great program run by a friendly and efficient team, thanks for the great support and quick payments!”
“Vera&John is by far our best performing online casino in the Japanese market. The conversion rate is incredible and retention value being extremely strong. We are very happy working with PlainPartners and their affiliate managers. They are very professional and swift to help us with anything we need. We strongly recommend Vera&John.”
“We have been working with PlainPartners now for a couple of years without having had any problems. Payments are being made on time and one is even informed via email when payments are made. The programme is always available and reporting is accurate. Promoting their brands is definitely a pleasure and we know the players are in the right hands.”
“PlainPartner brands are our preferred choice in the markets we operate. We find the programme to be reliable and we believe our players are well looked after and the revenue is being generated for the lifetime of the players. The communication with the Affiliate Managers is solid and team members seem to be sticking with the programme for a lot longer than elsewhere. We are looking forward to many more years of a great partnership.”
“Plain Partners is one of the best affiliate programs in the gaming industry. They have a very helpful and professional affiliate team that are quick to respond to questions and concerns. The program has many popular brands that convert well with traffic from Scandinavian countries.”
“It has been a pleasure working with Vera&John/PlainPartners. Great brands, super fast response time from the affiliate team and awesome conversion in both desktop and mobile.”
“I’m committed to guiding players to trusted and beloved online casinos like Vera&John. And since I’ve chosen the casino with PlainPartners, it’s been an easy ride. With very quick support that you get I warmly recommend them to you as a new or existing affiliate.”
“Vera&John is a brand one brand we are very happy to promote, we know it’s a strong casino website and PlainPartners are very flexible and easy to work with as well! Big thumbs up for PlainPartners and their Affiliate managers!”
“Vera&John/Plain Partners deliver first-class service in the form of quick and smooth payments, professional co-workers and a wide range of promotional material. They are as popular among players as among affiliates because of their partner and customer service.”
“Vera&John works extremely well when it comes to converting and maybe more important retaining players. This together with a very responsive and funny affiliate team it’s always a pleasure dealing with Vera&John.”